Nanogen, Inc. required a software user interface, designed from the ground up controller and the mechanical assembly experience to execute on an existing mechanical design for use in radical new cancer research, in four short months.

Trust Automation faced two challenges:

  • develop a reliable software platform, while rapidly designing and implementing a custom controller from the ground-up.
  • Integrate a high-voltage motion controller directly into Nanogen’s machine architecture, while assembling other modules of the system and consulting on mechanical design.


In four months, Trust Automation delivered a bright Visual Basic user-interface, and “Universal Controller” for both power supply and motion control functions. By quickly delivering a working prototype, in near-production packaging, Trust Automation enabled Nanogen to perform initial demonstrations and secure additional funding.

Trust Automation followed up this effort by integrating a high-voltage power supply, a third-party motion controller , and the necessary linear amplifier hardware into an integrated controller. The controller’s slide-mount architecture provides direct electrical connections, allowing service replacement within minutes.

Subsequently, Trust Automation assembled the new mechanical designs for Nanogen, providing useful mechanical design enhancements throughout the process.


By relying upon Trust Automation’s mechanical, electrical and software engineering disciplines, Nanogen was able to respond quickly in their marketplace, while developing long-term production-worthy solutions. Trust Automation brings innovative ideas, and reliable manufacturing engineering together, to provide turn-key systems.