Medium Extended Air Defense System (MEADS) International is a multinational joint venture between Lockheed Martin and MBDA in Italy and Germany. Lockheed’s Missiles and Fire Control (MFC) division, headquartered in Florida is the prime contractor for the MEADS system.

The MEADS program faced a challenging requirement for the motion control elements for its radar platform so that rapid lift, level and rotate could be achieved without sacrificing accuracy in the battlefield.


Trust Automation has a great deal of experience with defense industry requirements. Military prime contractors have come to us with complicated motion and motor control requirements which we have successfully delivered and have a proven track record in-theatre.

The MEADS FT-2 System has been successfully developed and completed field testing. MEADS FT-2 is a next-generation, ground mobile, Air and Missile Defense (AMD) system that incorporates 360-degree radars, netted and distributed battle management, easily transportable launchers and the hit-to-kill PAC-3 MSE Missile.

During in-field tests, the MEADS System intercepted and destroyed two simultaneous targets attacking from opposite directions during a demonstration of its 360-degree AMD capabilities. One target was air-breathing, the other target and in-bound missile. All system elements worked as planned.

Videos of this test can be viewed at the Defense Video & Imagery Distribution System and on YouTube.