Manufacturing and Assembly

In-House Manufacturing Processes and Clean Room

In-House Manufacturing Processes and Clean Room
Trust Automation utilizes lean manufacturing practices to perform all assembly and electro mechanical integration in-house using AS9100 and ISO 9001:2015 standards. We follow strict ESD procedures, FOD requirements, and copy exact practices. In 2014 we saw 98% on time delivery to customers and 99% yield.

We have dedicated military and commercial assembly areas able to support small to high volume manufacturing numbers.

We have an ISO7 / Class 10,000 hard wall clean room designed specifically for UHV and HV Robot assembly and in system test is capable of ISO6 / 1,000 standards. Our ability to not just design a UHV robot, but to also qualify these robots in vacuum to 10-9 Torr makes us a viable partner who provides a fully validated and qualified solution.

The modular design of the clean room, allows us to expand this clean room in blocks to accommodate future expansion. A common anteroom arrangement enables proper double bag procedures to be followed and complements the room’s nitrogen venting system and nitrogen bagging of the end robots. UHV robots are built in our clean room and qualified under vacuum to meet your specifications. The final step is to remove the system and double bag the robot with a nitrogen fill for easy system integration of a qualified system at your factory.

We have the ability to perform in house conformal coating in our environmentally controlled spray booth. This saves time and money for our customers by retaining more of the manufacturing process in house and not outsourcing parts of the process.