MacroAir, a manufacturer of HVLS (High-Volume, Low-Speed) fans needed to create a commercial grade ceiling fan up to 24’ in diameter that would have system components 3 times smaller and 5 times more powerful than anything else on the market.

The goal was to eliminate gear and friction noise and create the quietest HVLS fan available. Aiming to not just be silent, but smart as well, the fan design was to have an on-board smart processor integrated into the operations systems via a gateway with a touchpad remote. Design was to be light and powerful with fully configurable interior systems to significantly reduce the size of the fan hub.

The customer asked Trust Automation to join them in pioneering and innovating a product that had never been offered before. This is Trust Automation’s specialty, designing and developing custom solutions for the most complicated projects.


Trust Automation created custom solutions for MacroAir that included:

  • The custom designed “donut shaped” controller and digital drive exactly fits the circular motor/heatsink housing
  • Advanced firmware, Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and power electronics take full advantage of the unique motor topology, operating sensorlessly at high torque and very low speed
  • Extremely high system efficiencies
  • Advanced thermal management, low air flow, -10°C to +60°C operation
  • Wide AC voltage input range of 100-600VAC, allowing a single controller design across entire range
  • NEMA 67 rated drive assembly for wash-down


Trust Automation engineered and manufactured system solutions to contribute to the end result of an advanced technology finished product for MacroAir, the AirVolution-D. It is the most reliable, most efficient, lightest, quietest, smoothest HVLS fan line on the market today ranging in size from 6 to 24 feet.