The Trust Automation C-2271 Dual Axis Linear Drive is an intelligent three phase servo motor amplifier designed to drive a brushless motor with up to 50W of power. This device is an excellent solution for small rotary or linear brushless motors in high precision positioning applications and systems where low electrical noise operation is essential. The C-2271 is optimized for both sinusoidal and trapezoidal output. Unlike standard PWM (switcher-type) amplifiers, the trapezoidal output is smoothed to minimize cogging. This flexibility enables the engineer to provide a clean linear solution for the most demanding motion control applications. The C-2271 uses a three-character programming language, providing over one hundred available commands to handle even the most demanding applications. The 104.2 μs servo update rate is ideal for linear motor axes requiring fast settling times. The dual processor design optimizes performance by splitting the tasks between command execution, host communication and general I/O. This advanced design delivers peak performance while reducing your development time and shortening your time to market. The C-2271 is feature rich and flexible, suitable for most medium to high end applications.