A leading international bicycle supplier approached Trust Automation for the design of an e-bike motion control system. This system required a custom design approach to fit the application, in order to retain the stylish look of the e-bike frame.


The engineering staff at Trust Automation developed hardware and firmware for a custom e-bike drive to propel the urban mobility system. As bicycle enthusiasts themselves, our engineers enjoyed the task of developing a high performance electric bicycle drive with torque assist and regeneration capabilities, configurable for a range of frame styles.

Trust Automation custom developed the 2310 Digital Drive using a high speed digital signal processor and customized firmware to accommodate the motion specific user application. The 2310 comes with a base level of firmware allowing trapezoidal, sinusoidal and field oriented control of a brushless DC motor. A serial interface allows basic drive configuration settings such as torque or speed regulation, along with a set of operating limits that are configurable and stored in nonvolatile memory.


Trust Automation built upon the success of this e-bike system by developing a custom motion control system for touring and folding commuter e-bikes, equipping them with a custom drive and battery management system.