The Trust Automation TA2230 Digital Drive is a compact, low cost, programmable, constant velocity drive. The TA2230 is designed to run a brushless motor at a constant velocity using the motor’s Hall Sensors for velocity feedback. The drive can be programmed through the RS232 interface, and can be programmed to start up and ramp up at a preset rate as well as to maintain a constant velocity regardless of changes in load. Alternatively, an external speed potentiometer may be used for variable speed applications. This low cost, high efficient AC drive is ideal for applications requiring improved power performance and lowered operating costs.

The TA2230 includes three speed setting options; first, external speed command via off-board 10k potentiometer. Second, on-board potentiometer for convenient fixed speed adjustment, and finally, fixed speed set via software; as well as soft start control, integral AC line filtering, self-contained enclosed and optically isolated user interface for safety.