In today’s rapidly changing landscape of unconventional battlefields and irregular warfare, our soldiers need high-speed munition delivery systems, high-voltage battery management systems for unmanned vehicles, low-noise motor and drive solutions, rotate/elevate solutions for counterfire radar systems—and more. These motion and motor technologies need to operate accurately and reliably to keep our troops safe. They must also be both flexible and field-proven to give our soldiers a technological advantage.

Trust’s team of engineers design and develop custom solutions for military applications involving high performance motors, controllers, power generation, power storage solutions, power conversions and drives, system assemblies and servo drives to respond to the needs of the DoD, IARPA, DARPA and all the branches of the U.S. military.

Some of our major areas of development include:

EMP and nuclear. EMP and nuclear events are an ongoing concern for electronic systems. We developed a high-speed radiation hardened fan drive/controller capable of high shock and vibration conditions for missile silo ventilation systems.

UAV support. UAV platforms have become increasingly important for both situational awareness and remote enforcement. However, the noise signature has been a challenge. We successfully participated in the IARPA-funded Great Horned Owl Program to develop high-efficiency systems converting fuel to electricity and electricity to propulsion with the goal of producing near silent flight capabilities.

In addition, we’re responding to the needs of our military for reliable and efficient energy storage by developing Agile Energy Management System™ (AEMS™). This highly flexible battery management system can be customized for land, air or marine applications. With a multitude of configurations, unmanned vehicles can be equipped to perform for extended periods while the soldier is safely operating the system from a remote location.