In today’s rapidly changing landscape of unconventional battlefields and irregular warfare, our soldiers need high-speed munition delivery systems, high-voltage battery management systems for unmanned vehicles, low-noise motor and drive solutions, rotate/elevate solutions for counterfire radar systems—and more. These motion and motor technologies need to operate accurately and reliably to keep our troops safe. They must […]

Lab Automation and Medical Imaging

Control and Power Management for Medical Machines Now more than ever, medical professionals rely on advanced technologies—including health assessment, monitoring, diagnostic, imaging and robotic surgical equipment. Implementing these systems improves patient outcomes while making many common medical practices more cost-effective and efficient. Trust is on the front lines of control and power management for today’s […]

Industrial Automation

High-performance Control Systems For Next-generation Industrial Machines The factory of the future will run on advanced motion control and mechatronic systems. Our integrated team of electrical, mechanical and software engineers can help you build those systems today. From application-specific controllers to high-performance linear and digital drives, our automation technologies govern the world’s most demanding industrial […]


Precision Motion Control Systems for Semiconductor Fabrication The semiconductor industry continues to evolve as engineers develop new generations of electronic devices that are smaller, more powerful and more cost effective than ever before. Our motion control systems can help you keep pace with this evolution. Our custom motion systems and high-bandwidth drive technology can boost […]