How to Size a Linear Drive for Precision Positioning Applications

If you design motion control systems, chances are you’ve worked with pulse width modulated (PWM) drives. Thanks to their stability, availability and familiarity, PWM drives are the default choice in most day-to-day motion control jobs. But PWM drives tend to be noisy—making them less than ideal in some high-fidelity motion applications. And that’s where linear […]

Partnering With Cynash on Advanced Industrial Cybersecurity Platform

We’re excited to announce our recent partnership with Cynash on a next-generation cybersecurity platform that can detect and mitigate cyberattacks on the industrial control systems that run energy, water, transportation and industrial infrastructure. The platform builds on Cynash’s SerialTap™ sensor that passively monitors the serial communications used by many of the world’s industrial control systems. […]

Trust Automation Receives Full-Rate Production Contract from Lockheed Martin to Provide Motion Control System for Q-53 Radar Production

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif., July 21, 2017 — Trust Automation, Inc. has been awarded the full-rate production contract from Lockheed Martin for the motion control systems on the AN/TPQ-53 (Q-53) Counterfire Target Acquisition Radar (CTAR). Trust Automation developed the Q-53’s entire motion control system, which levels the vehicle, elevates the radar platform and positions the […]

Trust Automation Contributes to the Development of Life Saving Drones Delivering Vital Medical Supplies to Rwanda

Trust Automation, Inc., known for standard and custom high efficiency motors and controls as well as support system solutions, today announced that it has designed and manufactured a custom system that contributes to the successful flights of drones that deliver lifesaving medical supplies to people who live in isolated territories of Rwanda. The drones have […]

Solving the Most Complicated Military Needs

In today’s rapidly evolving security landscape of unconventional battlefields and irregular warfare, our soldiers need to quickly locate and neutralize mortar and rocket threats. The U.S. Army’s objectives call for custom engineered systems to take the lead in providing solutions that can be rapidly developed and deployed. These systems need to be both accurate and […]

Advanced Battery Technology Charges Energy Management System

First Published in U.S. Tech The Global Electronics Publication 9/13/2014 By Robin Mitchell Hee, Jason Walsh, and Matthew Barsotti, Trust Automation, Inc., San Luis Obispo, CA Battery power is essential for a wide range of portable and mobile electronic devices, and advances in battery technology can serve many different applications. To assist a variety of […]