Beckman Coulter Inc. a biomedical laboratory instrument manufacturer needed to develop a robotic centrifuge. The system needed to interface with a robotic sample analysis system.


An embedded controller using a dedicated motion DSP for trajectory and motor command processing was integrated into the bottom of the high speed centrifuge. The system was commanded through a serial communications link. The command structure set the beginning and top speed with ramp profile and the final centrifuge stopping position for proper robotic handler interfacing.

The solution required collaboration between three divisions of Beckman Coulter which resided in 3 countries. The ultimate system was finally integrated in Southern California.

The Trust Automation engineering team has a reputation for its ability to integrate with our customers’ engineering teams. We worked well with Beckman Coulter allowing decreased time to development and with very short notice our team mobilized and travelled to Beckman in Milan, Italy to fill in an engineering gap. The project results were successful.


Trust Automation developed motion control software and hardware solutions to control the automated centrifuge enabling coordination with a load/unload robot and top of class blood analysis solution for the medical industry.